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Ludum Dare 21 Results

Well the results for Ludum Dare 21 are in!  Here is the final rank for my entry: Ratings #4 Innovation(Jam) 3.90 #29 Overall(Jam) 2.95 #30 Humor(Jam) 2.33 #31 Graphics(Jam) 3.30 #32 Fun(Jam) 2.55 #45 Audio(Jam) 2.12 #60 Coolness 8% #63 … Continue reading

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Polynomials in C++

Last time, we showed how one can use symmetric tensors to conveniently represent homogeneous polynomials and Taylor series.  Today, I am going to talk about how to actually implement a generic homogeneous polynomial/symmetric tensor class in C++.  The goal of … Continue reading

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Multidimensional Taylor Series and Symmetric Tensors

As a warm up post, I’m going to talk about an important generalization of something that should be familiar to anyone’s who has made through a semester of calculus: Taylor series!  (And if you haven’t seen these guys before, or … Continue reading

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A call for more technical blogs

There is a trend these days to avoid writing about technical things in programming — and in particular game development — blogs.  Just go to places like r/programming or altdevblogaday, and so on and you find plenty of articles giving … Continue reading

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New paper out!

Haven’t updated this blog in a long time, but I figure that since it is summer now maybe I will finally be able to keep this thing regularly updated (see how long that lasts…)  Anyway, some good news is that … Continue reading

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BSP Trees and Collision Detection

Recently I published a paper in CAD on BSP tree merging via linear programming.  At a very high level, the idea behind this paper was to replace the tree partitioning step with a linear programming feasibility test.  Doing this leads … Continue reading

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Hello World

Hi.  My name is Mikola Lysenko and this is my first post on 0FPS. I am currently a first year graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, working in the spatial automation lab.  I used to run the website, … Continue reading

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