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Smooth Voxel Terrain (Part 1)

My god…  I’ve now written three blog posts about Minecraft.  If you are at all like me, you may be getting just a bit tired of all those cubes.  To avoid fatigue, I think now is a good time to change … Continue reading

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Meshing in a Minecraft Game (Part 2)

Last time, I wrote about how to generate meshes in a Minecraft-style voxel engine.  I got a lot of interesting feedback, and so today I’m going to do a follow up highlighting some of the points that came up in the … Continue reading

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Meshing in a Minecraft Game

The last post I wrote on Minecraft-like engines got a lot of attention, and so I figured it might be interesting to write a follow up.  This time I’ll try to tackle a different problem: Meshing One of the main … Continue reading

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An Analysis of Minecraft-like Engines

Voxel engines are everywhere… …and given the huge success of Minecraft, I think they are going to become a permanent fixture in the landscape of game engines.  Minecraft (and Infiniminer) live in a unique space somewhere between high-resolution voxels and … Continue reading

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Goofing around in node.js

In my spare time I’ve been messing around a bit with node.js, and have been trying out building a browser based multiplayer online game.  Right now I am using sprites/minecraft style levels since they are easy to make and low … Continue reading

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