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Geometry without geometric algebra

When I was younger I invested a lot of time into studying geometric algebra.  Geometric algebra is a system where you can add, subtract and multiply oriented linear subspaces like lines and hyperplanes (cf. Grassmanian). These things are pretty important if … Continue reading

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Relations are hard to model in category theory

WARNING: This is a somewhat rambling post about category theory.  If half-baked mathematical philosophy is not your thing, please consider navigating away right now. Anyway, the thing that I want to write about today is the difference between category theory … Continue reading

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Making an MMO in 48 Hours

Ludum Dare 23 is done, and here are my results: I really doubt that I am going to win any awards for graphics…  or gameplay… or sound..   BUT! It is multiplayer It has persistent state It is HTML5 And … Continue reading

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A call for more technical blogs

There is a trend these days to avoid writing about technical things in programming — and in particular game development — blogs.  Just go to places like r/programming or altdevblogaday, and so on and you find plenty of articles giving … Continue reading

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