Changed WordPress Theme

I was getting a bit tired of the old theme I was using (Manifest) and decided to try something different.  One nice thing with this new version is that it has a sidebar which makes it a bit easier to navigate around the blog.  I’m also going to be adding some links to other blogs and resources on the sidebar over time.

If anyone has some further suggestions or ideas, please leave a comment!

One thought on “Changed WordPress Theme”

  1. I think the old style was nice, but this one is equally good. I also recently noticed that you linked to me! Your recent SmoothLife stuff got me interested in doing stuff on meshes for the first time (I’ve mostly done finite-difference stuff before and written a very basic elliptic solver for 2D triangle meshes in the plane before). I’m writing and making figures for a post on simulating waves on a arbitrary triangular manifold mesh embedded in R^3. I’ll try and make some fun WebGL interface too as you have done :p

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