Ludum Dare 21 Results

Well the results for Ludum Dare 21 are in!  Here is the final rank for my entry:


#4 Innovation(Jam) 3.90
#29 Overall(Jam) 2.95
#30 Humor(Jam) 2.33
#31 Graphics(Jam) 3.30
#32 Fun(Jam) 2.55
#45 Audio(Jam) 2.12
#60 Coolness 8%
#63 Theme(Jam) 2.40
#104 Community 3.13

I have to say that I am a bit disappointed about only getting 4th place for innovation 😦 .  (At least I got in the top 10 in that category, which is somewhat respectable given the huge number of entries!)  I think that the controls definitely could have been done a bit better.  In retrospect it was a mistake to use a separate parallel transport frame for moving the camera and for applying forces.  This caused the camera to drift slightly which made the controls more confusing than they needed to be (plus it would have been a really easy fix had I thought of it during the competition).  I’m not sure if it is worth developing this concept into a full game.  Judging by the rating, it didn’t seem like it was that popular, but perhaps I am reading too much into the scores.  Also I think that the screen shot I picked for the entry was not nearly exciting enough (the wood level would have been much better), and the some of the levels definitely needed more polish.

At least there is a mini-LD coming up next weekend, so hopefully that will go a bit better!

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